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Professional farmer cooperatives

Agriterra professionalises ambitious farmer cooperatives and organisations worldwide.

Agriterra believes in farmer ownership to fight poverty and stimulates social-economic strong and vibrant rural areas. It uses cooperative expertise and peer-to-peer advice from the Dutch agri & food top sector.

08 Sep

Kees Blokland on Al Jazeera News

Al Jazeera News asked Kees Blokland to participate in a panel discussion. In this discussion Kees pleads for investment in agriculture through cooperatives.

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05 Jul

EAFF and climate change

Barza Wire recently spoke to Stephen Muchiri, the chief executive officer of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF).

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Strengthen cooperatives

Agriterra is the only organisation worldwide who strengthens cooperatives by using cooperative expertise and peer-to-peer advice from its top agri & food sector. We are able to accomplish this because of our strong roots in the Dutch agri & food top sector and network in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Local presence
An extensive global network of agricultural cooperatives, organisations and agribusinesses
High quality peer-to-peer knowledge exchange

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